Tattoo Ticket


Want to immortalize one of my doodles onto your body all while supporting the artist who created them? This is the place to do it!

Often times tattooers prefer to have permission when using another artist’s work, this digital ticket grants you that power, the Dalton Doodles Seal of Approval!

(This is a fee for usage of preexisting artwork!)

(Any image on instagram not marked as a commission can be used.)

(The tattoo artist can feel free to change aspects of the image to better fit the tattoo.)

(I am not doing custom tattoo work at the moment! This ticket covers existing artwork only. Which grants for personal use only, not commercial use.)

(Additionally, if you need a clearer image or scan of the artwork you intend to have tattooed, please email me with your order number and a screenshot of the artwork, and I’ll do my best to source a clear image of the work.)

(This listing is for a digital ticket only, and follow-up with a clearer image where possible (I don’t keep and/or scan every artwork, so it depends on availability).

Please feel free to tag me or send pictures of your super cool new tattoo to me over @daltondoodles on Instagram, I love to see it!

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